What does an Inspection entail?

A Full Inspection includes 7 parts: i. Statement of Concern – A brief summary of problem ii. Claim History – Brief timeline of events according to end user & other parties involved iii. Physical Description – Inspector’s initial description of area iv. Testing – Thorough description of all testing performed and data acquired v. Applied Industry Standards – Reference to specific NWFA Standards or Guidelines vi. Conclusion –Conclusion based on facts obtained and supported by the applicable industry standards vii. Cause – Identify the cause of the concern such as manufacturing defect, incorrect installation, or site related condition.

A comprehensive report is then put together

What areas do you service?

We service the Tri-State area including Manhattan (NY, NJ, CT) and beyond!

Are you NWFA certified?

Yes,we are: NWFA Certified Professionals License # 239511

Who hires an Inspector?

An Inspector can be hired by any concerned party. It can be the owner of the property damaged. It can be the installer of the floor. It can also be the manufacturer. Anybody who has a vested interest in resolving the flooring problem at hand.