NWFA-Certified Wood Floor Inspectors

NWFA-Certified Wood Floor Inspectors

When you need a wood flooring inspector, turn to a certified inspector from the NWFA Certified Professionals.

If an issue arises with your newly installed wood flooring, your first call should be to the company that installed the flooring. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, your second call should be directed to an NWFA Certified Professional Inspector.

NWFA Certified Professional Inspectors have been certified based on a two-part process conducted by the NWFA Certified Professional. The process consists of a comprehensive written exam followed by the completion and approval of five inspection reports.

By choosing an NWFA Certified Inspector, you can be certain that he or she has the knowledge and skills to best assist you in inspecting your wood floors.

NWFACP License # 239511

http://www.nwfacp.org/ (National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professionals Inc.)